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Undergraduate Courses Fall-Winter 2016-17

Please note that room assignments can change at the last minute. To confirm class locations, please refer to the Arts and Science Fall-Winter 2016-17 Session Timetable, which also provides tutorial locations.

Access to course information and materials may be available through the Blackboard system.

Course descriptions are available in the Faculty of Arts and Science Undergraduate Calendar.

New: Linguistics courses at a glance (by area, term and number of students).

Changes are indicated by bold text.

Full-year courses

Code Name Instructor Time Room
JLS476H1Y Linguistics in the Workforce: Clinical Practice and Research S. Ng M 2-5
RU 452

Fall courses

Code Name Instructor Time Room
TBB199H1F (L0281) Language and Politics S. Tagliamonte W 10-12 SS 2123
TBB199H1F (L0282) Language Diversity D. Massam R 10-12 SS 2120
LIN101H1F (0101) Introduction to Linguistics: Sound Structure P. Jurgec T 11-1 MC 102
LIN101H1F (5101) Introduction to Linguistics: Sound Structure P. Jurgec T 6-8 MS 3153
LIN200H1F Intro to Language P. Howson R 7-9 ES 1050
LIN203H1F English Words A. Dinkin T 7-9 PB B150
LIN228H1F Phonetics A. Kochetov W 3-5 SS 2117
LIN232H1F Syntactic Patterns in Language G. Thomas M5-7 WI 1016
LIN251H1F Intro to Sociolinguistics N. Nagy M 1-3 WI 1016
LIN305H1F Quantitative Methods D. Heller M 10, W 10-12 SS 561
LIN323H1F Acoustic Phonetics M. Chasin R 10-12 SS 1083
LIN341H1F Semantic Theory M. Ippolito T2, R 1-3 SS 1084
LIN423H1F Phonetic Analysis A. Kochetov T 3-6 RW 107
LIN456H1F Language Variation and Change S. Tagliamonte M 11-1, W12 SS 561
JAL401H1F Field Linguistics N. Welch MW 4-6 SS 2111
JLP374H1F Psychology of Language D. Heller T 10-1 RS 211
JLS473H1F Adult Language Disorders L. Ellwood W 1-4 RU 420

Winter courses

Code Name Instructor Time Room
TBB199H1S (L0281) Language and Advertising D. Heller W 10-12 BL 112
TBB199H1S (L0282) Languages of Canada: Identity and Culture E. Gold R 10-12 UC 376
LIN102H1S (0101) Introduction to Linguistics: Sentence Structure and Meaning N. Welch T 11-1 NF 003
LIN102H1S (5101) Introduction to Linguistics: Sentence Structure and Meaning N. Welch T 6-8 MS 3153
LIN200H1S Intro to Language A. Dinkin R 7-9 ES 1050
LIN201H1S Canadian English R. Maddeaux M 6-8 SS 1088
LIN204H1S English Grammar I. Osadcha W 7-9 MS 3153
LIN229H1S Sound Patterns in Language C. Harvey M 2-4 RW 117
LIN241H1S Intro to Semantics G. Thomas R 3-5 SS 2135
LIN306H1S Language Diversity and Language Universals D. Massam T 10-12 UC A101
LIN322H1S Phonological Theory P. Jurgec T 2, R 2-4 UC A101
LIN331H1S Syntactic Theory M. Cuervo M 10, W 10-12 UC 256
LIN333H1S Morphological Patterns in Language S. Bejar M 11-2 SS 2105
LIN351H1S Sociolinguistic Patterns S. Tagliamonte R 10-12 SS 1087
LIN362H1S Historical Linguistics A. Dinkin M 4-6, W4 SS 1086
LIN432H1S Advanced Morphology N. Welch M 6-8 BF 315
LIN451H1S Urban Dialectology J. Chambers W 10-12 SK 348
LIN458H1S Revitalizing Languages R. DeCaire W 6-8 KP 113
LIN481H1S Intro to Analysis and Argumentation S. Bejar T 3-5
R 4
SS 2111
JAL328H1S Writing Systems R. Craioveanu R 6-8 LM 162
JFL477H1S Issues in French and Linguistics I J. Steele T 9-12 TF 200
JLP315H1S Language Acquisition L. Spinu W 6-9 MP 103
JLP471H1S Adv Psycholinguistics D. Heller R 10-12 LM 123
JLS472H1S Child Language Disorders L. Girolametto W 2-5 RU 420

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