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Faculty members with appointments in the Department of Linguistics

Susana Béjar
sbejar AT
Assistant Professor, Office: SS 4084
Syntax, morphology

J. K. Chambers
jack.chambers AT
Professor Emeritus, Office: SS 4059
Language variation, Canadian English

Marshall Chasin
Marshall.Chasin AT
Adjunct Professor, Office : SS 4056 (September - December)
Phonetics, audiology

Elizabeth A. Cowper
cowper AT
Professor Emeritus, Office: SS 4056
Syntactic theory, semantics, tense and aspect

M. Cristina Cuervo
mc.cuervo AT
Associate Professor, Office: SS 4085;
Spanish and Portuguese Office: NF 319

Syntax, argument structure, morphology, dative and applicative arguments, clitics, second language acquisition

Aaron Dinkin
Assistant Professor, Office: SS 4089
Sociolinguistics, Language Variation and Change

B. Elan Dresher
dresher AT
Professor Emeritus, Office: SS 4056
Diachronic linguistics, phonology, learnability

Elaine Gold
egold AT
Lecturer (retired), Office: SS 4056
Morphology, Yiddish, language contact, Canadian English

Atiqa Hachimi
ahachimi AT
Associate Professor, UTSC, HW 514
Sociolinguistics, language and gender, language and ethnicity, language contact and multilingualism

Daphna Heller
daphna.heller AT
Associate Professor
Psycholinguistics, semantics, pragmatics, Hebrew

Michela Ippolito
michela.ippolito AT
Associate Professor and
Graduate Coordinator, Office: SS 4071

Formal semantics, formal pragmatics

Alana Johns
ajohns AT
Professor, Office: SS 4080
Morphology, syntax, Inuktitut

Peter Jurgec
peter.jurgec AT
Assistant Professor, Office: SS 4083
Phonology, prosody, representations, Slovenian

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour
a.kahnemuyipour AT
Associate Professor, Office: SS 4055;
UTM Office: Erindale Hall, Rm. 304D

Syntax, syntax-phonology interface, morphology, Persian

Yoonjung Kang
yoonjung.kang AT
Associate Professor, Office: SS 40 4082;
UTSC Office: HW 314

Phonology, loanwords, Korean linguistics, historical linguistics, phonology-phonetics interface

Alexei Kochetov
al.kochetov AT
Associate Professor, Office: SS 4076
Phonetics, phonology

Diane Massam
diane.massam AT
Professor, Office: SS 4072
Syntactic theory, argument structure, case, Austronesian languages

Philip Monahan
philip.monahan AT
Assistant Professor, Office: SS 4082;
UTSC Ofice: HW 418

Speech Perception, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Phonology, Phonetics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Lexical Access

Naomi Nagy
naomi.nagy AT
Associate Professor and
Undergraduate Coordinator, Office: SS 4070

Sociolinguistics, language variation and change, Heritage Languages in Toronto, New England dialects, Montreal Anglophones and French, Faetar

Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux
at.perez.leroux AT
Professor, Office: SS 4085;
Spanish and Portuguese, Office: NF 320

Child Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, L2 Syntax, Spanish Syntax

Keren D. Rice
rice AT
University Professor and Chair, Office: SS 4075
Phonology, morphology, Athapaskan

Jessamyn Schertz
jessamyn.schertz AT
Assistant Professor, Office: SS 4082
Bilingualism, perceptual drift, regularization of loanwords

Sali Tagliamonte
sali.tagliamonte AT
Professor, Office: SS 4077
Sociolinguistics, language variation and change

Guillaume Thomas
guillaume.thomas AT
Assistant Professor, Office: SS 4087
Semantics, pragmatics and their interface with morphosyntax, cross-linguistic semantics

Nicholas Welch
nicholas.welch AT
Assistant Professor, Office: SS 4055
Syntax, Dene (Athabaskan)