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Graduate Students

PhD Students

Majed Al-Solami

Arabic post-velar articulations, Phonetics, Phonology.

Andre Arsenault

Kaz Bamba

Theoretical linguistics, Reflexives, Null subjects, Directionality in harmony, Pitch accent patterns  

Emily Blamire

Julien Carrier

Syntactic theory, Language change and variation, Inuktitut

Joanna Chociej

Phonology, Polish, variation

Emily Clare
Phonetics, phonology, human and machine speech recognition, psycholinguistics, Semitic languages 

Radu Craioveanu

Phonetics, phonology, syntax, Ethio-Semitic, Finno-Ugric, Celtic

Julianne Doner

The EPP, syntactic relationships, phases, syntactic movement, formal features, cross-linguistic variation, morphology, syntax-phonology interface

Clarissa Forbes

Tsimshianic languages (Gitksan), morphosyntax, nominal structure, ergativity, endangered language documentation, fieldwork methodology, syntax-phonology interface

Shayna Gardiner

Ancient Egyptian, language variation and change, syntax, morphology, writing systems, historical linguistics

Matt Hunt Gardner

Sociolinguistics, language variation and change, comparative phonetics and phonology of Canadian English dialects (especially Cape Breton and Nova Scotia English), language and identity, urban dialectology

Frederick Gietz

Semantics, at the interfaces: pragmatics, prosody, syntax.

Psycholinguistics for semantics/pragmatics.

Harmonic Serialism and phonological shift.

Ross Godfrey

Morphology, inflectional paradigms, long-distance phonological processes, causatives, Ethio-Semitic languages.

Erin Hall

Sociophonetics, phonology, Canadian English, language variation and change, language acquisition, speech-language pathology

Christopher Harvey

Phil Howson

Speech production, Japanese, Slavic languages, phonetics, speech perception, phonology, syntax

Angelika Kiss

Lex Konnelly

Sociolinguistics, language variation and change (grammatical and discourse-pragmatic), language and gender, language and sexuality, language and identity.

Ross Krekoski

Hong-Yan Liu

Theoretical syntax; argument structures; cross-linguistic voice categories; morphosyntax-semantics interphaces; Mandarin Chinese

Ruth Maddeaux

Sociolinguistics, morpho-syntactic variation & change.

Jessica Mathie

Morphosyntax, Australian Aboriginal languages, transitivity, ergativity, agreement/clitic features, endangered language documentation

Zoe McKenzie

Syntax, morphology, imperatives, ergativity, Inuktitut.

Emilia Melara

Syntactic theory, syntax-semantics interface, morphology, definiteness, tense, lexical aspect, grammatical aspect

Dan Milway

Syntax, Germanic, Lexical Semantics, Adpositions

Annick Morin

Alexandra Motut

Patrick Murphy

Psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic approaches to dialect variation. Canadian French & Canadian English.

Kiranpreet Nara

Ilia (Katherine) Nicoll

morphosyntax of agreement, noun incorporation, and analysis of Inuit morphosyntax 

Iryna Osadcha

Formal semantics, tense and aspect, modality, conditionals; comparative and corpus-based approaches to semantics and pragmatics; phonology of stress

Katharina Pabst
Language variation and change (esp. lifespan change),  dialectology, sociolinguistic language documentation

Virgilio Partida Penalva

Syntax, morphology, clitics, Slavic languages, Oto-Pamean languages.

Maida Percival

Robert Prazeres

Na-Young Ryu

Phonology, phonetics, loanwords, Korean vowel harmony, language variation and change

James Smith

Sociophonetics, language variation and change, non-native speech perception and production

Michelle St-Amour

Heather Stephens

semantics, pronouns, counterfactuals

Rebecca Tollan

Theoretical and experimental syntax (Ergativity and Case theory, Grammatical relations, Argument structure, WH-questions, Polynesian languages), Modality, Diachronic syntactic change. 

Fiona Wilson

Language variation and change, historical linguistics, corpus linguistics

Heather Yawney

Turkish, Irregular stress patterns, Phonology, Syntax-Phonology Interface

Tomohiro Yokoyama

Syntax, Morphology, Semantics/Pragmatics, Japanese, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, Rhetorical Questions, Exclamatives

MA Students

Çağrı Bilgin

Kelly-Ann Blake

Andrea Boom

Fulang Chen

Kristen DonPaul

Israel Erlich

Brea Lutton
Syntax; Negation; Negative Concord; Romance languages

Kinza Mahoon

Savannah Meslin

Language variation and change; Historical linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Language contact; French

Andrei Munteanu

Historical Linguistics, Phonology, Optimality Theory, Morphology, Indo-European Languages, Japanese 

Sarah Newman
Syntax; Grammar; English poetry; Predication; Noun-Adj order

Jessica Yeung

Luke Zhou

Phonetics, sociolinguistics, language & gender, conversation analysis, North American English, Canadian French, Taiwanese Mandarin