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Department of Linguistics Auditing Policy

The Department of Linguistics Auditing Policy is in accordance with the University of Toronto's Policy on Auditing

Permission to audit a course is given at the discretion of the instructor. Instructors are not required to accept auditors in their classes.

Space must be available in the course: classroom size is based on the number of registered students; no changes to assigned rooms can be made to accommodate auditors.

Registered students and U of T alumni who wish to audit courses take priority over other audit requests.

Permission to audit is just that; it does not include marking of assignments, tests or exams, and no grades will be given. Non-registered students who wish to use other university services (e.g. the University of Toronto Library) may have access to them on the same terms available to the public at large.

Instructors can require auditors to participate in class presentations, etc., on the understanding that such activities will not be graded.

Auditors fall into two categories, those who do not want a certificate of attendance and those who do.

Auditors who do not want a certificate of attendance may, at the discretion of the instructor, audit courses without paying a fee.

Certificates of attendance require payment of a fee, and will be issued to auditors providing:
• Prior to the start of the course, the auditor contacts the instructor in writing to indicate that they would like to audit the course and that they would also like a certificate of attendance
• The instructor agrees to keep a record of attendance
• The auditor attends at least 75% of the classes
• The auditor pays an auditing fee of $200 per half course audited (auditing fees are paid to Mary Hsu, Business Officer)

Note: if an auditor does not have a UTORid, they will not be able to have full access to Blackboard.