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Undergraduate Courses - Summer 2017 (additions/revisions appear in bold)

Course descriptions are available in the Faculty of Arts & Science Undergraduate Calendar.

Please note, room assignments can change at the last minute. To confirm the class location, please refer to the Faculty of Arts and Science Summer Course Timetable [LIN courses include JAL, JLP and JLS courses], which also provides tutorial times and locations.

First Term Courses (May - June)

Code Name Instructor Time Room
LIN101H1 F Introduction to General Linguistics - Sounds R. Godfrey TR 19-21 SS 1085
LIN203H1 F English Words A. Dinkin TR 19-21 RW 117
LIN228H1 F Phonetics E. Blamire MW 19-21 UC 161
LIN306H1 F Language Diversity J. Doner /
C. Forbes
TR 14-17 BL 114
JLP315H1 F Language Acquisition E. Hall MW 14-17 SS 1086

Second Term Courses (July - August)

Code Name Instructor Time Room
LIN102H1 S Introduction to General Linguistics - Sentences J. Carrier TR 19-21 SS 1085
LIN200H1 S Introduction to Language P. Howson MW 19-21 SS 2106
LIN204H1 S English Grammar D. Milway TR 19-21 RW 117
LIN229H1 S Sound Patterns in Language C. Harvey MW 19-21 LM 158
LIN241H1 S Semantics T. Yokoyama TR 19-21 LM 158
JLP374H1 S Psychology of Language R. Tollan MW 14-17 SS 1086

13 June 2017