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Undergraduate Courses - Summer 2018 (additions/revisions appear in bold)

Course descriptions are available in the Faculty of Arts & Science Undergraduate Calendar.

Summer course offerings are subject to change, based on enrolment.

Room assignments can change at the last minute. To confirm the class location, please refer to the Faculty of Arts and Science Summer Course Timetable [LIN courses include JAL, JLP and JLS courses], which also provides tutorial times and locations.

First Term Courses (May - June)

Code Name Instructor Time Room
LIN101H1 F Introduction to General Linguistics:
Sound Structure
K. Bamba TR 19-21 SS 2127
LIN203H1 F English Words O. Tararova T 19-21
R 19-21
SS 2108
SS 1070
LIN228H1 F Phonetics E. Blamire MW 19-21 SS 2127
LIN232H1 F Syntactic Patterns in Language J. Doner TR 19-21 SS 2111
LIN306H1 F Language Diversity and Language Universals J. Doner TR 14-17 SS 2111
JLP315H1 F Language Acquisition E. Takahashi MW 14-17 SS 1086

Second Term Courses (July - August)

Code Name Instructor Time Room
LIN102H1 S Introduction to General Linguistics:
Sentence Structure and Meaning
R. Godfrey TR 19-21 SS 1070
LIN200H1 S Introduction to Language R. Craioveanu MW 19-21 SS 2127
LIN204H1 S English Grammar N. LaCara TR 19-21 SS 2117
LIN251H1 S Introduction to Sociolinguistics J. Carrier TR 19-21 SS 1086
LIN331H1 S Syntactic Theory N. LaCara TR 14-17 SS 1072
JLP374H1 S Psychology of Language R. Tollan MW 14-17 SS 1072

10 July 2018