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Clarissa Forbes (2018)
Persistent Ergativity: Agreements and Splits in Tsimshianic

Phil Howson (2018)
A Phonetic Examination of Rhotics: Gestural Representation Accounts for Phonological Behaviour

James Smith (2018)
Sociophonetic Variation and Change of Northern Ontario English Vowels

Shayna Gardiner (2017)
Yours, Mine & Ours: What Ancient Egyptian Possessives can tell us about Language Change and Stable Variation

Matthew Hunt Gardner (2017)
Grammatical Variation and Change in Industrial Cape Breton

Ross Krekoski (2017)
Contrast and Complexity in Chinese Tonal Systems

Annick Morin (2017)
Questioning Particles: A Cross-Linguistic Approach to Quebec French Polar Interrogatives

Marisa Brook (2016)
Syntactic Categories Informing Variationist Analysis: The Case of English Copy-Raising

Yu-Leng Lin (2016)
Sonority Effects and Learning Bias in Nasal Harmony

Safieh Moghaddam (2016)
Split Ergativity in Davani

Mercedeh Mohaghegh (2016)
Connected Speech Processes and Lexical Access in Real-Time

Derek Denis (2015)
The Development of Pragmatic Markers in Canadian English

Liisa Duncan (2015)
Productivity of Finnish Vowel Harmony: Experimental Evidence

Ailis Cournane (2015)
Modal Development: Input-Divergent L1 Acquisition in the Direction of Diachronic Reanalysis

Julie Goncharov (2015)
In Search of Reference: A case of Russian adjectival intensifer samyj

Christopher Spahr (2015)
Contrastive representations in non-segmental phonology

Suzanne Belanger (2014)
Regeneration in Recall and Verb Phrase Ellipsis

LeAnn Brown (2014)
Phonetic cues and the perception of gender and sexual orientation

Catherine Macdonald (2014)
Functional Projections and Non-Local Rleations in Tongan Nominal Phrases

Will Oxford (2014)
Microparameters of agreement: A diachronic perspective on Algonquian verb inflection
University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Milica Radisic (2014)
An ultrasound and acoustic study of Turnkish rounded/unrounded vowel pairs

Ulyana Savchenko (2014)
Second Language Acquisition of Russian Applicative Experiencers

Eugenia Suh (2014)
Incomplete Acquisition in the Nominal Domain of Korean by Heritage Language Speakers

Abdel-Khalig Ali (2013)
Syllabification and Phrasing in Three Dialects of Sudanese Arabic

Sarah Clarke (2013)
Aspectual scope and contrast in English and Japanese

Bridget Jankowski (2013)
A Variationist approach to cross-register language

Paul Arsenault (2012)
Retroflex consonant harmony in South Asia
Tyndale University College (Toronto, Ontario)

Richard Compton (2012)
The syntax and semantics of modification in Inuktitut: Adjectives and adverbs in a polysynthetic language
McGill University (Montreal, Quebec)

Bethany MacLeod (2012)
The effect of perceptual salience on phonetic accommodation in cross-dialectal conversation in Spanish

Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario)

Kenji Oda (2012)
Issues in the left periphery of Modern Irish

Elham Rohany Rahbar (2012)
Aspects of Persian phonology and morpho-phonology

Bettina Spreng (2012)
Viewpoint aspect in Inuktitut: The syntax and semantics of antipassives

Anne St-Amand (2012)
Hiatus and hiatus resolution in Canadian French

Julia Yu-Ying Su (2012)
The syntax of functional projections in the vP periphery

Sandrine Tailleur (2012)
The French interrogative system: Est-ce que, clefting?
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Saguenay, Québec)

Rashid Al-Balushi (2011)
Case in Standard Arabic: The untravelled paths
Sultan Qaboos University (Al Khoudh, Oman)

Jaehee Bak (2011)
The light verb construction in Korean
Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, South Korea)

Midori Hayashi (2011)
The structure of multiple tenses in Inuktitut

Monica Irimia (2011)
Secondary predicates

Kyumin Kim (2011)
External argument introducers

Maria Kyriakaki (2011)
DETs in the functional syntax of Greek nominals

Marina Sherkina-Lieber (2011)
Comprehension of Labrador Intuttitut functional morphology by receptive bilinguals
York University (Toronto, Ontario)

Tanya Slavin (2011)
The syntax and semantics of stem composition in Ojicree
McGill University (Montréal, Québec)

Cathleen Waters (2011)
Social and linguistic correlates of adverb variability in English: A cross-varietal prespective
Newcastle University (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)

Nattaya Piriyawiboon (2010)
Classifiers and determiner-less languages: The case of Thai
Srinakarinwirot University (Bangkok, Thailand)

Eric Smith (2010)
Query-based annotation and the Sumerian verbal prefixes

Chiara Frigeni (2009)
Sonorant relationships in two varieties of Sardinian

Manami Hirayama (2009)
Postlexical prosodic structure and vowel devoicing in Japanese
Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto, Japan)

Sara Mackenzie (2009)
Contrast and similarity in consonant harmony processes
Memorial University of Newfoundland (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

Magdalena Goledzinowska (2007)
Morphosyntactic idiosyncrasy and lexical specification

Kevin Heffernan (2007)
Phonetic distinctiveness as a sociolinguistic variable
Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan)

Daniel Currie Hall (2007)
The role and representation of contrast in phonological theory
St. Mary’s University (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Nicole Rosen (2007)
Domains in Michif phonology
University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Michael Barrie (2006)
Dynamic antisymmetry and the syntax of noun incorporation
Sogang University (Seoul, South Korea)

Alexandra D’Arcy (2005)
Like: Syntax and development
University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia)

Mohammad Haji-Abdolhosseini (2005)
Modularity and soft constraints: A study of conflict resolution in grammar

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour (2004)
The syntax of sentential stress
University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)

Milan Rezac (2004)
Elements of Cycle Syntax: Agree and Merge
CNRS (Paris, France)

Wenckje Jongstra (2003)
Variation in reduction strategies of Dutch word-initial consonant clusters

Susana Bejar (2003)
Phi-syntax: A theory of agreement
University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)

Nila Friedberg (2002)
Metrical complexity in Russian iambic verse: A study of form and meaning
Portland State University (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Juli Cebrian (2002)
Phonetic similarity, syllabification, and phonotactic constraints in the acquisition of a second language
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

Alexei Kochetov (2001)
Production, perception, and emergent phonotactic patterns: A case of contrastive palatalization
University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)

Andrea Hoa Pham (2001)
Vietnamese tone: Tone is not pitch
University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida, USA)

JunMo Cho (2000)
The nature of legibility conditions
Handong Global University (Pohang, South Korea)

Trisha Causley (1999)
Complexity and markedness in Optimality Theory

Hong Zhou (1999)
Vowel systems in Mandarin languages

Elaine Gold (1999)
Aspect, tense, and the lexicon: Expression of time in Yiddish
University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)

David Beck (1999)
The typology of parts of speech systems: The markedness of adjectives
University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta)

Päivi Koskinen (1998)
Features and categories: Non-finite constructions in French
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Vancouver, British Columbia)

David Heap (1997)
Grammatical and geolinguistic variation: Subject pronouns in Central Romance

Ning Zhang (1997)
Syntactic dependencies in Mandarin Chinese
National Chung Cheng University (Minxiong, Taiwan)

Philip Hamilton (1996)
Phonetic constraints and markedness in the phonotactics of Australian Aboriginal languages

Peter Avery (1996)
The representation of voicing contrasts
York University (Toronto, Ontario)

Jila Ghomeshi (1996)
Projection and inflection: A study of Persian phrase structure
University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Xi Zhang (1996)
Vowel systems of the Manchu-Tungus languages of China

Carrie Dyck (1995)
Constraining the phonology-phonetics interface
Memorial University of Newfoundland (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

Regina Moorcroft (1995)
Clause-level functional categories in Germanic V2 languages

Yuwen Wu (1994)
Mandarin segmental phonology

Barbara Brunson (1992)
Thematic discontinuity

Karen Carlyle (1988)
A syllabic phonology of Breton

Susan Ehrlich (1986)
A linguistic analysis of point of view in fiction
York University (Toronto, Ontario)

Wladyslaw Cichocki (1986)
Linguistic applications of dual scaling in variation studies
University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)

Guy Ewing (1984)
Presyntax: The development of word order in early child speech

Salina Shrofel (1981)
Island Lake Ojibwa morphophonemics
North Kentucky University (Highland Heights, Kentucky, USA)

Sheila Embleton (1981)
Incorporating borrowing rates in lexicostatistical tree reconstruction
York University (Toronto, Ontario)

Eric Wheeler (1980)
Grammars for the recognition of natural language
York University (Toronto, Ontario)

Michael Dobrovolsky (1980)
On intonation: Functional, emotive, phonological
University of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta)

Jean-Marie Massenet (1978)
Some aspects of vowel and consonant quantity in Eskimo

Wilbur Pickering (1978)
A framework for discourse analysis

Keren Rice (1976)
Hare Phonology University of Toronto
(Toronto, Ontario)

Patricia Shaw (1976)
Dakota phonology and morphology
University of British Columbia (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Lee Bohnhoff (1976)
Vowel length in Duru

Candace Séguinot (1976)
Some aspects of the intonations of yes-no questions in Canadian English
York University (Toronto, Ontario)

Victoria Neufeldt (1976)
The metric of English alliterative verse: Piers the Plowman and Beowulf

Eric Keller (1975)
Vowel errors in aphasia

Glyne Piggott (1974)
Aspects of Odawa Morphophonemics
McGill University (Montréal, Québec)

Suzanne Whalen (1973)
The Impersonal Sentence in Russian and Romanian: A case grammar approach

Jean Rogers (1973)
Participant identification and role allocation in Ojibwa

Cheryl Goodenough (1973)
A psycholinguistic investigation of theme and information focus

Maurice Holder (1970)
“Ouisme” in the 17th century: Causes and results


Koorosh Ariyaee (2018)
Kelly-Ann Blake (2018)
Andrea Boom (2018)
Timothy Gadanidis (2018)
Isabelle Ladouceur-Séguin (2018)
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Megan Parker (2018)
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Lisa Schlegl (2018)
Rachel Soo (2018)
Lisa Sullivan (2018)
Connie Ting (2018)
Jessica Yeung (2018)

Çağrı Bilgin (2017)
Fulang Cater Chen (2017)
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Terrence Dunn (2015)
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Avery Ozburn (2014)
Maida Percival (2014)
Michael Schwan (2014)

Clarissa Forbes (2013)
Ching Yin Jada Fung (2013)
Phil Howson (2013)
Daniel Milway (2013)
Rebecca Tollan (2013)
Michelle Yuan (2013)

Erin Brassel (2012)
Julianne Doner (2012)
Erin Hall (2012)
Shannon Mooney (2012)
Kyle Weishaar (2012)
Tomohiro Yokoyama (2012)

Andrei Anghelescu (2011)
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Elizabeth Erhardt (2010)
Isaac Gould (2010)
Sofia Kanibolotskaia (2010)
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Shinjung Park (2010)
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LeAnn Brown (2009)
Joanna Chociej (2009)
Derek Denis (2009)
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Kaori Furukawa (2009)
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