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Graduate Students

PhD Students

Majed Al-Solami AT
Marisa Brook
marisa.brook AT
Language change, dialectology, grammaticalization, speech perception, phonotactics, sign languages, Romance languages

LeAnn Brown
leann.brown AT
Julien Carrier
julien-carrier AT
Joanna Chociej
joanna.chociej AT
Phonology, Polish, variation

Emily Clare
e.clare AT
Phonetics, phonology, human and machine speech recognition, psycholinguistics, Semitic languages

Sarah Clarke
sarah.clarke AT
Aspect, distributed morphology, event structure, syntactic categories, Japanese, Inuktitut, Welsh

Ailis Cournane
ailis.cournane AT
L1 acquisition, modality, learnability, cyclic change

Radu Craioveanu
radu.craioveanu AT
Phonetics, phonology, semantics, Ethio-Semitic, Finno-Ugric, Celtic

Derek Denis
derek.denis AT
Syntactic and pragmatic change, variationist sociolinguistics, Germanic languages

Julianne Doner
julie.doner AT

Liisa Duncan
liisa.duncan AT
Shayna Gardiner
shayna.gardiner AT
Matt Hunt Gardner
matt.gardner AT
Language variation and change, phonetics and phonology of Canadian English dialects (especially Cape Breton English)

Ross Godfrey
ross.godfrey AT
Phonology, morphology, Ethio-Semitic languages

Julie Goncharov
julie.goncharov AT
Vanessa Hardy
vanessa.hardy AT
Intonation and prosody, socio-phonetic variation

Christopher Harvey
c.harvey AT
Bridget Jankowski
bljatwbd AT
Language variation, syntactic change, historical linguistics, dialectology, Irish

Loredana Kosa
andreea.kosa AT
Ross Krekoski
r.krekoski AT
Yu-Leng Lin
yuleng.lin AT
Universal Grammar in phonological artificial grammar learning

Catherine MacDonald
cath.macdonald AT
Ergativity, argument structure, morphosyntax, morphophonology, Tongan, Polynesian languages

Safieh Moghaddam
safieh.moghaddam AT
Mercedeh Mohaghegh
mercedeh.mohaghegh AT
Alexandra Motut
alex.motut AT
Annick Morin
annick.morin AT
Iryna Osadcha
iryna.osadcha AT
Semantics, syntax

Will Oxford
will.oxford AT
Syntax of function words, diachronic morphosyntax and phonology, Algonquian languages

Matt Pankhurst
matt.pankhurst AT
Phonology, variation, Northeastern Mandarin, Manchu-Tungus

Milica Radisic
milica.radisic AT
Ulyana Savchenko
ulyana.savchenko AT
Second language acquisition, bilingualism, syntax, lexical semantics, syntax-semantics/syntax-pragmatics interface, argument structure, verbal structure, Russian, Slavic, Romance

Michelle St-Amour
michelle.stamour AT
Jim Smith
jgsmith AT
Phonetics, language variation and change, non-native speech perception and production

Christopher Spahr
christopher.spahr AT
Phonology, prosody, Finnish, Finno-Ugric

Eugenia Suh
eugenia.suh AT
Korean, morphosyntax, psycholinguistics, heritage language, second language acquisition

Sandrine Tailleur
sandrine.tailleur AT
French linguistics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, syntax

Elodie Thomas
elodie.thomas AT
Lexical and phonological features of youth speech and their social correlates

Szu-Hsien Kate Wu
kate.wu AT

MA Students

Emily Blamire
emily.blamire AT
Clarissa Forbes
c.forbes AT
Jada Fung
jada.fung AT
Phil Howson
phil.howson AT
Speech production, Japanese, Russian, Czech, phonetics, phonology, syntax

Samantha Sae-mi Kim AT
Phonetics-phonology interface with a focus on Korean

Dan Milway
dan.milway AT
Rebecca Tollan
becky.tollan AT
Michelle Yuan
michelle.yuan AT