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Graduate Students

PhD Students

Majed Al-Solami

Arabic phonetics and phonology.

Koorosh Ariyaee

Kaz Bamba

Theoretical linguistics, Null subjects, Discourse syntax, Reflexives, Directionality in harmony, Gradient phonology, Pitch accent patterns  

Kelly-Ann Blake

Emily Blamire
Psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, phonetics

Julien Carrier

Syntactic theory, Language change and variation, Inuktitut

Joanna Chociej

Phonology, exceptionality, Polish, vowel-zero alternations, variation

Emily Clare
Phonetics, phonology, human and machine speech recognition, psycholinguistics, Semitic languages 

Radu Craioveanu

Phonetics, phonology, syntax, Ethio-Semitic, Finno-Ugric, Celtic

Bruno de Oliveira Andreotti

Jessica Denniss (Mathie)

Australian languages, Ngarinyman, complex predicates, antipassives, morphosyntax, semantics, endangered language documentation, transitivity. 

Julianne Doner

Comparative syntax, clausal architecture, the EPP, syntactic movement, syntactic relationships, phases, formal features, cross-linguistic variation, morphology, syntax-phonology interface

Timothy Gadanidis

Language variation and change; style and stance; social meaning of linguistic features; discourse-pragmatic markers; internet language; uh and um; subject drop; ellipsis

Frederick Gietz

Semantics, at the interfaces: pragmatics, prosody, syntax.

Psycholinguistics for semantics/pragmatics.

Harmonic Serialism and phonological shift.

Ross Godfrey

Morphology, inflectional paradigms, long-distance phonological processes, causatives, Ethio-Semitic languages.

Erin Hall

Language acquisition, language variation and change, sociophonetics, phonology, Canadian English, speech-language pathology

Christopher Harvey

Jean-Francois Juneau

Kartvelian and Caucasian languages, Slavic languages, morphology and syntax interface; verb structure, tense, aspect, agreement, case marking, dialectology, documentation of endangered languages

Angelika Kiss

Semantics and pragmatics of biased questions, intonation of biased questions, speech acts, Hungarian noun incorporation, variation in word order.

Lex Konnelly

Socio(cultural)linguistics; linguistic innovation and advocacy in queer and trans communities; stance and stylistic variation; language and gender, sexuality, identity, power.

Hong-Yan Liu

Syntax, semantics, event configuration, argument structure, Applicatives, adpositions, information structure, Mandarin 

Ruth Maddeaux

Language variation & change, psycholinguistics, individual differences as predictors of participation in language change

Kinza Mahoon
syntax, ellipsis, phase theory, variation

Zoe McKenzie

Syntax, morphology, imperatives, ergativity, Inuktitut.

Emilia Melara

Syntactic theory, syntax-semantics interface, morphology, definiteness, tense, lexical aspect, grammatical aspect

Dan Milway

Syntax, Germanic, Lexical Semantics, Adpositions

Alexandra Motut

Andrei Munteanu

Historical Linguistics, Phonology, Morphology, Indo-European Languages, Romanian, Russian 

Patrick Murphy

Psycholinguistics, speech perception, dialect variation.

Kiranpreet Nara

Ilia (Katherine) Nicoll

morphosyntax of agreement, noun incorporation, Inuit languages

Iryna Osadcha

Formal semantics, tense and aspect, modality, conditionals; comparative and corpus-based approaches to semantics and pragmatics; phonology of stress

Katharina Pabst

Language variation and change across the lifespan, style and stylistic variation, dialectology, language contact, sociolinguistic language documentation

Virgilio Partida Penalva

Theoretical syntax, Morphology; clitic linearization, Case alignment, Split-S systems, Stripping and Pseudostripping; South Slavic languages, Oto-Pamean languages.

Maida Percival

Andrew Peters

Syntax and semantics of: tense, aspect, modality, multiple modality; parallels in deixis of: time, space, and person; bilingual syntax; Sino-tibetan languages, Mongolian, Wakashan, Iroquoian, Chiac

Robert Prazeres

sociolinguistics, language variation and change, Arabic

Na-Young Ryu

Korean linguistics, loanword phonology, cross-language speech production and perception, language variation, acoustic phonetics, second language acquisition

Lisa Schlegl

language variation and change, interactional sociolinguistics, stylistic variation, identity, authenticity, sociolinguistic fieldwork, Canadian Englishes, Malay

Heather Stephens

semantics, pronouns, counterfactuals

Lisa Sullivan

Sahar Taghipour

Morphology, Syntax, Phonology, Defaults and overrides in morphology, Morphotactics, Iranian languages

Rebecca Tollan

Syntax, Psycholinguistics (ergativity, sentence processing, wh questions, Polynesian languages, argument structure)

Pocholo Umbal

Language variation and change, sociolinguistics, (socio)phonetics, language and ethnicity, Philippine English, (heritage) Tagalog, linguistics and pedagogy

Fiona Wilson

Language variation and change, historical linguistics, corpus linguistics

Heather Yawney

Turkish, Irregular stress patterns, Phonology, Syntax-Phonology Interface

Jessica Yeung

Experimental phonology, psycholinguistics, child language acquisition

Tomohiro Yokoyama

Syntax, Morphology, Semantics/Pragmatics, Japanese, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, Person Case Constraint, Rhetorical Questions, Exclamatives

MA Students

Lauren Bigelow

Liam Donohue

Jida Jaffan

Caitlyn Martinuzzi

Paul Poirier

Ekaterina Prigaro

Xiaochuan Qin

Sadaf Rahmanian

Philippe Thompson