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Are you perplexed about postalveolars, bewildered by benefactives, or hesitant about headedness parameters? Then you've come to the right place! The Linguistics Graduate Course Union is pleased to offer tutoring service to students enrolled in linguistics courses.

For Fall 2018, we are o ering tutors for the following courses: The following courses are also available; however, due to shortage of our tutors for these subjects, we may not be able to offer tutoring for them: To request a tutor, send an e-mail to the Tutoring Coordinator at ling.tutors AT Please allow at least a week for us to be able to process your request. In your message, please include the following information: *Note: Online sessions will take place on an online video-chat application such as Skype and payment must be completed immediately through an online payment platform (e-transfer) such as PayPal.

Once your request is received, you will be contacted by the tutor directly. The hourly rate for tutoring is $25. By requesting a tutor, you are agreeing to the following terms:
  1. Payment: For in-person meetings, the student must prepare the exact amount in cash and pay it to their assigned tutor at the beginning of each session. Cheques are not accepted. For online meetings, student must use the online method of payment both student and tutor have agreed upon. Student must pay the exact amount immediately such that their tutor will be notified of the payment no later than 24 hours after their tutoring session.
  2. Cancellation: In order to cancel or reschedule any appointment, the student must provide the minimum of a 24 hour notice to their tutor directly. Last minute cancellations require sufficient justification and it needs to be informed to the tutor immediately in the subsequent hours, or the student will be charged for the tutoring session as though it has happened.
  3. Tutor's Responsibility: The tutor cannot guarantee any form of improvement with your grade(s) or academic performance in general. The student acknowledges that they are responsible for the outcome of their assignment(s), exam(s) and the course(s).
  4. Meeting Time and Late Arrival: Tutoring sessions begin at an agreed-upon hour and it may not necessarily follow the University of Toronto standard time like lectures (i.e., 10 mins past the hour). Please discuss the meeting time carefully with your tutor and arrive on time, as late arrivals will incur additional payment depending on how long the tutoring session has been extended due to the delay.
  5. Responding to Issues: If the student encounters any issues with assigned tutor, they can contact the tutoring coordinator at ling.tutors AT, for rearrangement and other solutions.