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The Department of Linguistics at the University of Toronto offers courses in theoretical areas of linguistics, in addition to areas which intersect with related disciplines (e.g., sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics). In addition to the undergraduate curriculum within the Department of Linguistics, there are courses relating to linguistics offered in other departments such as the language departments, Anthropology, Computer Science, and Philosophy, and in the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence program.

Part-time students should note that most of the summer and evening courses available to them are offered on a rotating basis only. Consequently, students wishing to take such courses should enroll in them at the earliest opportunity after completing the necessary prerequisites.

Undergraduate students seeking counselling and information about courses should contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, Prof. Naomi Nagy (e-mail ugling AT ; tel. 416-978-1767). Graduate students should contact the Graduate Coordinator, Prof. Sali Tagliamonte (e-mail gradlin AT ; tel. 416-946-8024).

The Grading Policy for the Department of Linguistics can be found here.